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Photography Exhibition in France



   (Traditional Breton Dance Troupe)

After years if talking about it and years of trying to work out the logistics of it Fermoy Camera Club took the plunge and participated in our first overseas exhibition in Ploemeur in Brittany, France. An enormous amount of credit has to go to the Fermoy/Ploemeur Twinning Association whose members were so supportive of the project from its inception right through to it' it’s conclusion

The idea was first mooted a few years back when the Ploemeur visitors were in Fermoy. Members of the Ploemeur Camera Club sought out officers of Fermoy Camera Club with the idea of organising a joint venture of some kind. At the time FCC was still in its infancy and was therefore unsure of how to progress the idea so it was left to simmer on the back burner.

It remained there until 2015 when the Fermoy/Ploemeur Twinning Association approached FCC to tell us that they would be travelling to Ploemeur in 2016 and that the Ploemeur camera club were anxious to host a joint photography event. Thus began a journey which saw the first stage finish in April, with the joint exhibition in Ploemeur, and a final destination where the journey ends being an indefinite time in the future.

After months of planning, emails and input from FCC members a total of forty-five prints were dispatched to France. Once again here the twinning association helped out bwith one of their members transporting the prints in their car. Kate Murphy and Pádraig Barry were the two FCC representatives who went on the trip.

The way the twinning works s that when the Fermoy group travel to Ploemeur they are accommodated by host families and vice versa when the French come here. So having arrived on the Saturday night Kate and Pádraig were whisked away by their host families for what was to prove a whirlwind week of social and cultural activities as well as fantastic photographic opportunities. It was however not all play and no work as there was the matter of the Photography exhibition.

        (Belle Ile De Mer)

The exhibition consisted of an equal amount of photos from both clubs being displayed in the large foyer of the main municipal/ community building in the centre of Ploemeur. The exhibition itself received great support and was featured in the regional newspaper as well as being praised by the Mayor of Ploemeur during his speech at the civic dinner which was the main event of the week.

On behalf of Fermoy Camera Club Kate and Pádraig would like to extend a huge vote of thanks to the Ploemeur Camera Club as well all those involved in the Twinning Associations both in Ireland and France and our host families for what was a truly memorable trip. Fermoy Camera Club prides itself in promoting “Fun with Photography” but the Twinning Associations should take enormous pride in promoting “Happiness through Hosting “ 

   (Padraig Barry with his host family Francois, Marie-Paule & Jim Bouyer)+(P

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