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Environmental Portraiture Challenge

Great craic the other night at our Environmental Portraiture Challenge. Very high slandered of photography on display and thanks to all who entered and congratulations to all the deserving finalists.

Special word of thanks to our friends from Cobh Camera Club who judged the competition for us and gave us a very enjoyable critique. Sorry for putting ye on the spot guys. They were also kind enough to give us an exclusive preview to their amazing summer project which was inspired by the movies. Members of Cobh teamed up to produce fantastic creative and entertaining movie posters. A fantastic idea which obviously tapped into the very creative side of the members of Cobh Camera Club and from what we saw last night there are also a lot aspiring models in the club. This was a wonderful project and one FCC should consider for the future, before Cobh put a patent on it 

Thanks again to Cobh and we look forward to when we next meet up. Always a pleasure and always fun. Thanks guys.



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