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Finbarr first to be second



Fermoy Camera Club held their final meeting of 2015 recently. This meeting was the culmination of the club’s annual Championship known as the “photographer of the Year” competition. This competition is based on the accumulation of points from ten competitions held by the club throughout the year. It is the most sought after award by all club members for in order to win it you must achieve a very high level of consistently good photographs throughout the year. The prestige of the award is also enhanced by the fact that the majority of the competitions are voted on by all the camera club members.

The club first held the “Photographer of the Year” competition in 2011. The award for the POTY is a beautiful silver jug known as the “Jim Bartley Perpetual Trophy”. In 2011 this competition was fiercely contested with Finbarr O’Hanlon eventually taking the inaugural title of Photographer of the year.

2015 also saw an extremely tight contest for Photographer of the Year. With the results of the final two competitions being held over until the awards night, no one could predict who had accumulated enough points to take the title so close was the contest. . Finbarr O’Hanlon won the title thus becoming the first club member to be crowned POTY for the second time. A full report of the other award winners will follow at a later stage.


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