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Camera Club Awards Night 2015


As was stated in our last report Fermoy Camera Club recently held their annual awards night. Finbarr O’Hanlon was crowned as the “Photographer of the Year” for 2015 as well as winning the Grade1 title.

The club’s POTY competition is the culmination of ten monthly competitions where members best eight scores are added together to get their overall position on the leader board. Another competition is also run in conjunction to the competition which has a slightly different scoring system. Depending on a members experience they are placed into one of three Grades. The winner of the 2015 Grade 2 title was Michael Howard with Sheila Greehy taking the Grade 3 title. There is also an award for the Best New Member which was awarded this year to Kelly Condon.


To build up the excitement and suspense for the awards night the results of the two final competitions had been withheld. These results had a profound effect on what was another very closely contested leaderboard for the honour of being crowned Photographer of the Year.

October’s challenge was titled “Yellow” and was won by Finbarr O’Hanlon with the Grade 2 award going to David O’Flynn and Kelly Condon taking the Grade 3 honours.

November’s challenge was titled “Abandoned” and was a Black & White competition. This saw thirty five members submitting photos which were then judged by all members at the club meeting. The winner of this challenge was Eileen Sykes with Noreen Lucey taking the honours in Grade 2 and Sheila Greehy claiming Grade 3.



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