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Louise gets the Laurels


The final competition held by Fermoy Camera Club was a fun challenge titled “My Photograph of the Year”. This was an opportunity for all the members to bring in that photograph that they were proudest of all year but which may not have fit into any of the ten challenge themes held by the club throughout the year.

To judge this competition the club brought in a guest judge. This year our judge was Trish Fitzpatrick of Insight Photography. Trish, who had earlier given the club a presentation on wedding photography as well as other formal and informal social gatherings, was more than qualified for the job.

There was great support for this competition with stunning images covering a vast variety of styles and subjects which meant nobody was envious of the task that was in store for Trish. However there could be only one winner on the night and after much deliberation Louise Howard was deemed to have the best “Photograph of the Year”.

There was no one in the room who would disagree with Trish’s choice of Louise’s photograph. It was an image Louise had taken in Glenseskin Wood which had a beautiful contrast of light and shade as the sunlight filtered its way through the trees in shafts of light. To further enhance the atmosphere Louise had printed the photograph in Black and White.

While commenting on the other photos as well as outlining her reasons for choosing Louise’s photograph as the winner, Trish stated that Louise’s photograph was one she would happily take home to hang on her wall for all to enjoy. This accolade is the ultimate for all Photographers/Artist and something all of is in the club aspire to achieving with our images.

Louise who only joined FCC this year told us she had captured her award winning image with her mobile phone, once again proving the old adage “The very best camera is the one in your pocket when the image unfolds in front of you!”

On the whole the members of Fermoy Camera Club were all winners as we got to see such amazing images throughout the year and everyone is looking forward to another great year of “Fun with Photography” in 2016. 


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